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Slew Drives

Main features of slewing drives:

  • Multi tooth contact, high output torque
  • High tilting moment
  • High impact resistance and long service life
  • Stable operation and good adaptability.
  • Cost-effective solution and good reliability

SunSlew Product Introduction

SunSlew has a professional R&D team and advanced management concepts. We have various models of products from 3 inch to 37 inch, which can meet different application requirements.

More Slew Drives

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Hydraulic rotary actuator​

Rotary Actuators use hydraulic Power to Rotate in a linear fashion.
They offer a precision repeatable positioning of machine extensions.

  • They have a fixed rotation Standard is 180° and 360° making it much easier to incorporate into a control system.
  • Rotation is liner through the rotation range
  • They can support the weight of the rotated mass.
  • They act like a powered Hinge. This can reduce part counts and make assembly easier.
  • They can provide a lot of torque and support in a small package.They can be a better choice than cylinders due to linear rotation and support.

Sungji Hydraulics - Different types of actuators

Foot Mounting

Clevis Mounting

More hydraulics

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